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  PSA1301T and PSA2701T -  Battery Replacement



Replacing the rechargeable batteries

In common with all equipment that uses high density rechargeable batteries, the battery life will deteriorate with use and over time.

The figures quoted for typical battery operation time in the PSA-T series documentation apply to brand new batteries.

When battery operation time deteriorates to a point where the user regards it as unacceptable, performance can be restored by replacing the batteries.

Palm T|X Battery

Palm does not claim that the T|X battery is replaceable and do not make an official Palm battery available.  However, replacements are widely available from battery suppliers.

Replacement involves dismantling of the case and unsoldering and re-soldering of the battery connections.  Instruction are normally provided with the battery.

To find a suitable supplier, use a search engine with a search term such as "Palm PDA battery", or local language equivalent.  Prices vary, but are typically around $30 US.

In the event of difficulty please contact TTi and we will endeavour to help.

These batteries are Lithium Polymer.  The standard capacity is 1150mAh, but 1400mAh versions are also available.  The latter will give around 20% longer life, but the recharge time will be similarly increased.

PSA1301 and PSA2701 Batteries

Both units use three NiMh AAA size batteries of 700mAh capacity.  These are tag ended and mounted onto a printed circuit board with a detachable connector.

This complete assembly can be purchased as a spare part.
The part number is 58350-1000.  Price is subject to quotation at the time of purchase but is approximately 10 or $20 US
(14 Euros).

Instructions for dismantling the unit and changing the battery assembly are included.

Alternatively, the individual batteries can be replaced by unsoldering them.  Replacements should have a capacity in the range 700mAh to 850mAh.  The higher capacity versions will give a slightly greater operating life but recharge time will be proportionally increased.

Note that batteries with a capacity above 850mAh should not be used because the charge circuitry will turn off before full capacity has been reached.

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