Possible problems with viewing Flash based "page turners"

This web site makes use of FlashTM based "page turning" versions of various PDF product brochures.

The Page Turning Brochure is represented by a working miniature version embedded in the page, and an Open Publication button below it which spawns a new browser window into which the brochure is loaded.

The brochure itself is not hosted on the TTi web server, but on a third party server (issuu.com).

There are a number of reasons why this Flash based version of the brochures may not display:

1. Absence of a suitable Flash plug-in for your browser.
If this is the case, then Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded for most browser types.

Note, however, that certain portable devices, such as the iPhone, do not support Flash.

2. Browser security settings.
The Flash based brochure represent "active content" which may be excluded by the security settings for the browser.  Similarly the settings may prevent content from being drawn from more than one web server.

If this is the case, then changing the security settings should solve the problem.

3. Firewall rules
The specific settings of the firewall for your computer or network could prevent the brochure from displaying, similarly to the browser security settings.


The above is an instance of a Flash based page turning brochure.

You should be able to see a miniature version of the brochure with pages that "flip" once every six seconds.  Clicking a page should cause it to fill the browser window (press Escape to return).

Clicking on the OPEN PUBLICATION button should load the full size brochure into a new "viewer" window.


If the problem can not be resolved by changing security settings or updating the Flash Player plug-in, then all brochures can be viewed or downloaded as PDF files.


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