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 ARBITRARY WAVEFORM GENERATORS - incorporating Function and Pulse Generator capabilities

TGA12101 - single channel 100MS/s Arbitrary Generator

   100MHz clock speed and 12-bit vertical resolution
   40MHz function generator capabilities using DDS
   Multiple "standard" waveforms including sine, square,
     triangle, ramp, pulse and sin(x)/x
   1M point maximum waveform length 
   External ARB clock input
   Waveform storage by Compact Flash memory cards
   Complex waveform sequencing and looping
   Pulse train pattern generation for up to 10 pulses
   Built-in trigger generator, gated & triggered burst modes
   Interfaceable via RS-232, GPIB (IEEE-488.2) and USB
   "Waveform Manager Plus" for Windows software included

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TGA12102 and TGA12104
- two and four channel
  Arbitrary Generators

  Choice of 2 or 4 channels
    independent or linked
  Features as per TGA12101
    for each channel
  Inter-channel triggering,
     summing & phase control
  Extra capabilities such as
    precision DTMF generation

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 More Information:

   Data Sheet   Technical Explanation - Variable Clock Architecture

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